17, May, 2019

Submarine Technology Symposium, Laurel, MD

The Submarine Technology Symposium (STS) is the all-inclusive hub for all technology focused on the U.S. Submarine Fleet. It is a classified event and is the most well-attended conference for those who are either directing or developing submarine technology. The event usually involves multiple presentations by high-ranking Navy Admirals to help focus and direct Navy technology developers. The event also has several presentation sessions and technology exhibit booths. Since the STS is so well-attended, presentation submissions are very competitive.

I had the pleasure of presenting at STS2019. My section was Disruptive Technologies chaired by Admiral Tom Wears and Dr. Brian McKeon. My talk was Track-Before-Detect Applications for Unmanned Systems. Working with Tom and Brian was such a pleasure. Both had fantastic feedback that greatly improved my presentation.  Of the dozens of presenters, I was one of only two  presenters from a small company. My talk focused on describing a technology I have used that will more effectively allow unmanned systems to accomplish objectives such as localization and classification in multi-contact scenarios. 

Also, Dr. Bob Voigt shared some really interesting supercomputing work he is doing with Northrop Grumman. 

11, October, 2018

Rhode Island Wavemaker Fellowship Welcome

Thank you Jillian Butler for organizing the Rhode Island Wavemaker Fellowship Welcome at The Guild. I had an opportunity to meet fellow Wavemakers - a truly impressive crowd. Congratulations to my esteemed co-workers Abner Barros and Marcella Burke who are also new Wavemaker Fellows. I am looking forward to more fantastic Wavemaker events. 


5, August, 2018

Rhode Island Awards Tom Northardt, MIKEL Inc. Two-Year Wavemaker Fellowship

The Rhode Island Wavemaker fellowship is a two-year fellowship awarded to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professionals who are demonstrating significant contributions to their field. Fellows are invited to participate in various personal and professional development programs, social and professional networking opportunities, community-based events and more. 

30, March, 2018

MIKEL Inc. Congratulates Tom Northardt as AFCEA Award Winner

AFCEA International recognizes Dr. Tom Northardt as an outstanding young professional.

Middletown, RI-Selected from a field of more than 120 nominees, Tom Northardt has been chosen as one of AFCEA International’s 40 Under 40 Award winners. As one of MIKEL Inc.’s Scientists and Engineers, Dr. Northardt has contributed to nearly all of MIKEL Inc.’s Research and Development programs and STEM student out-reaches.


Awardees have made a significant contribution to supporting their organization or client through the use of information technology or providing innovation and thought leadership in a technical science, technology, engineering or mathematics field. They were selected based on technical accomplishments in their careers and were chosen by an executive board based on merit in competition with nominees from across the globe.


Dr. Northardt joined MIKEL Inc. through their strong relationship with area universities; the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (UMD) and the University of Rhode Island (URI). Dr. Northardt joined MIKEL Inc. during its early founding years alongside the company Founder Mr. Brian Guimond, President Mrs. Kelly Mendell, and Chief Engineer Mr. Tom Casey. Dr. Northardt spent the high majority of his first 9 years at MIKEL Inc. contributing to some of MIKEL’s most successful and exciting development programs and algorithm products. Following his engineering development he began seeking new Navy program offices to expand MIKEL’s research program into the areas of Cyber Security. At present, Dr. Northardt is leading a small team focused on advanced development of sonar contact classification and information fusion algorithms. He also regularly supports UMD engineering research faculty, sits on UMD’s Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Industry Advisory Board (IAB), sponsors engineering capstone projects, and attends several STEM out-reaches yearly.


MIKEL Inc. is a small woman-owned technology development firm headquartered in Middletown, RI. MIKEL was founded in 1999 by Mr. Brian Guimond Today MIKEL has expanded its development and service portfolio greatly and is comprised of over 170 employees. In the areas of engineering services, MIKEL provides software development, logistics support, cybersecurity consultation, and information technology support through several multi-million dollar contracts with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center of Newport, RI (NUWCNPT). In the areas of research and development, MIKEL maintains active research in the areas of passive and active sonar contact classification, localization, information fusion, cybersecurity risk management, precise underwater navigation, and network anomaly detection via machine learning. MIKEL’s most widely used research and development product is the Submerged Acoustic Navigation System (SANS) that can provide underwater navigating platforms with a GPS-like navigation accuracy in a local operating region of a few nautical miles.


AFCEA International’s 40 Under 40 Award is the association’s newest member of an extensive recognition program. As a Young AFCEAN award, only association members 40 years old or younger are eligible for nomination. Winners will be recognized at a luncheon on May 16 as part of the association’s Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium in Baltimore.


AFCEA International, established in 1946, is a non-profit membership association serving the military, government, industry and academia. Join online.

29, August, 2017

Senator Jack Reed at Defense Innovation Days The Defense Innovation Days is typically held at the Newport Marriot in Newport, RI. Most people don't know that the high majority of our Naval technology has originated in Southern New England. SENEDIA organizes a two-day conference that gathers the large defense contractors (e.g. Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, etc..), small contractors (e.g. MIKEL, Seacorp, Rite Solutions, etc...), and Navy leadership (e.g. Under Secretary of Defense, ONR CNO, etc..) for a fruitful information exchange. The Navy leadership will typically provide technological focus areas and operational problems to the attending industry participants. Industry participants, in turn, provide Navy leadership with their challenges in meeting DoD needs.

Below is a shot of Kelly Mendell and I attending the 2017 Defense Innovation Days. We had an opportunity to share our work with Senator Jack Reed.